Home Selling Articles and Advice

Getting Your House Ready to Sell  


Introduction - Emotion vs. Reason  

De-personalize the House  
Removing Clutter  
Fixing Up the House Interior  
Fixing Up Outside the House



Want to Start Off With a High Sales Price? Beware  

Meeting With Real Estate Professionals  
Which Real Estate Professional do you choose?  
What Happens Behind the Scenes  

Dropping Your Price...Too Late


Types of Listing Contracts  
Open Listing
One-Time Show  
Exclusive Agency Listing  

Exclusive Right to Sell


Details of a Listing Contract  
Price and Terms  
Lockbox - Yes or No?  
Real Estate Commission  
Multiple Listing Service
Agency Duties of a Listing Agent  
Resolution of Disputes  


Listing Commissions and Related Issues  

Are Commissions Negotiable?  
Cut-Rate Listing Commissions  
How and When Listing Commissions are Earned  
Commission Issues  


The Listing Agent & Marketing Your Home  

The "Real" Role of a Listing Agent  
The "For Sale" Sign  
Flyers and a Brochure Box  


The Listing Agent - Marketing Your House to Other  

The Multiple Listing Service  
Office Preview  
Broker Previews and Culinary Delights  
Office Flyers  
Marketing Sessions  


The Listing Agent - Marketing Your House to Homebuyers  

The Purpose of Advertising in General  
Real Estate Office Advertising  
Individual Agent Advertising  
Neighborhood Announcements  
Open Houses  


Showing Your House to Home Buyers

Showing the House to Potential Home Buyers  
Why You Should Not Be Home  
Lighting, Fragrances, Pet Control and More  
Keeping the House Tidy and Neat