Finance Tools

We deal with a wide range of lenders which allows me the most flexibility when working with clients.  We provide our customers with a wide array of lending options, and understand buying that first home or investment property is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make in your lifetime.

Here are some helpful financial resources:
Mortgage Calculator

Finding the right financing is the first step to getting the home of your dreams.  Below are some common loan programs that I can help you secure:

Loan Programs


Fixed Rate Mortgages

30 year fixed
15 year fixed

  • Monthly payments are fixed over the life of the loan
  • Interest rate does not change
  • Protected if rates go up
  • Can refinance if rates go down

Adjustable Rate Mortgages

10/1 ARM
7/1 ARM
3/1 ARM
1 year ARM
6 month ARM
1 month ARM

  • Lower initial monthly payment
  • Lower payment over a shorter period of time
  • Rates and payments may go down if rates improve
  • May qualify for higher loan amounts

Balloon Mortgages

7 year
5 year

  • Lower initial monthly payment
  • Lower payment over a shorter period of time
  • Many balloon mortgages offer the option to convert to a new loan after the initial term.

First Time Buyer Programs

  • Lower down payment
  • Easier to qualify
  • Sometimes you may get lower rate

Stated Income Programs

  • Don't need to verify income
  • Faster approval

No point, No fee Programs

  • No closing costs
  • Less money required to close

Imperfect Credit Programs

  • Potential for reestablishing credit if you pay your mortgage on time.
  • When used for debt consolidation, you may be able to reduce your monthly debt payment

Home Equity Line of Credit

  • You only borrow what you need
  • Pay interest only on what you borrow
  • Flexible access to funds
  • Interest may be tax deductible

Home Equity Fixed Loan

  • Fixed payments
  • Interest may be tax deductible
Besides our standard loan programs, we also have a large number of unique programs to serve your needs:
  • Purchase a house with 0 down
  • Piggyback loans 80-10-10 or 80-15-5. No PMI payments even with 5% or 10% down.
  • Debt consolidation programs
  • Home Improvement loans
  • Qualify even if you may have been turned down before!